Koorosh khanmohammadi
CEO and Founder
koorosh khanmohammadi

About Koorosh Khanmohammadi

I am Koorosh khanmohammadi and I received my bachelor’s degree in industrial design from the University of Tehran and entered the master’s course in the same field at Amirkabir University with the bronze medal of the Industrial Design Olympiad. From the beginning of my studies, I started working in fields related to this field and worked in different teams and companies.

I learned physical product design with the latest world trends by the experience of designing many different products, and I’ve worked with almost every software and tool needed for product design at an entirely professional level.
Before starting Zhinoora Design Studio, I had experience in lighting products, medical equipment, industrial parts, furniture, and plastic parts. However, with the launch of this studio, I became more involved in managing and supervising Zhinoora projects, and I experienced design and management of a company.

Koorosh khanmohammadi’s Projects
Employer: Royal Pet Shop
Employer: Iran National Post Department
Employer: Sono
Employer: Jaras Medical Company

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